Focused on building wealth? Don’t forget the risks

7 December 2017

We’re so focused on creating wealth that protecting it can be a second thought, explains Byron Smith.


Protection is not just about straightforward insurance, it also includes estate planning, financial advice, succession planning, your self-managed super fund and even contingency arrangements for your charitable giving.

Add it all up and it’s a lot to consider: so we’ve developed a simple infographic flow chart to guide your thinking over the key aspects of protecting your wealth.

We’ve divided it into two parts, so choose what’s relevant for you:

  • if you’re lacking in insurance then focus on the left side and run down the list, reflecting on how prepared you are for each of the four issues listed (some may be more relevant for you than others)
  • if you are insured then it’s equally important you consider matters, in the right column of the infographic – people often get caught out by not updating their insurance, being underinsured and not planning for all their needs.

You may have further questions, or decide you need to take some action: in that case ANZ Private is here to talk through your needs.